Our Proposal


Our proposal would see a high-quality development of affordable and market homes for sale, community and retail spaces, with significant investment in the existing green which sits at the heart of this important regeneration.

1. The site layout

  • Three separate buildings, each overlooking the green
  • One between Malago Road and Hereford Street
  • One between Whitehouse Lane and the railway embankment
  • One between Dalby Avenue and Clarke Street
  • The buildings are spaced to allow sunlight into the green at different points through the day
Urban design parameter plan
Urban design parameter plan

2. Enhanced open spaces

  • The green itself – and all the public spaces within the plot 5 red-line boundary – will be significantly enhanced.
  • Protecting most of the existing trees, and planting additional trees.
  • Planters in various locations, to further encourage biodiversity.
  • A railing fence along the edge fronting onto Malago Road.
  • Benches located at four key points in and around the green.
  • A play area set back from the railings.
  • The ampitheatre proposed towards the River Malago, part of the Council’s scheme.
  • Public art at the centre of the scheme, plus murals on the railway embankment wall, signposting the entrance to Windmill Hill.
Open Space Parameter Plan
Open Space Parameter Plan

3. More than 100 new affordable homes

  • We are proposing a total of about 350 new homes
  • 30 percent of those would be affordable
  • The affordable homes would be a mixture of shared ownership and social rented homes
  • The rest would be market homes for sale

4. Homes for families

  • About ten per cent of homes would be three bedroom, including a number of town houses
  • The other apartments would all be one and two bedroom homes
A family in their new Dandara home at Knights Wood Tunbridge Wells
A family in their new Dandara home at Knights Wood, Tunbridge Wells

5. High quality homes for all residents

  • All homes meet national space standards
  • Most homes have a private balcony, at least 1.5 metres deep
  • Balconies recessed where they overlook roads, and extended outwards where they overlook the park
  • More than half the homes are dual aspect
  • Resident rooftop garden on building one
  • Total resident outside space exceeds Council’s policy
  • Homes also just a short walk to Windmill Hill City Farm, St Johns Churchyard, Dame Emily Park and Victoria Park
Inside a Dandara Living Apartment at Leodis Court, Leeds
Inside a Dandara Living apartment at Leodis Court, Leeds.

6. Community spaces overlooking the green

  • More than 700m2 of ground floor retail space
  • Three retail units all facing onto green
  • Potential for community-run cafés/shops/nursery
  • Nominal initial rent available until community business gets going
  • Improved lighting for safety at night and during winter
Plan showing ground floor use
Plan showing ground floor use

7. A highly-sustainable scheme

  • Highly-sustainable location
  • Extremely well-connected for public transport, walking & cycling
  • Rooftop solar panels
  • Designed to connect to the City’s heat network proposed for Bedminster
  • Modern, energy-efficient homes
  • Very low parking levels, mainly for disabled only 
  • Electric vehicle charging points
A woman cycling through the city on a red bike

8. Safer for pedestrians & cyclists

  • Bristol City Council to improve travel and transport for Bedminster Green
  • Measures would include hugely improved pedestrian routes and new cycle lanes
  • Our scheme would deliver new pedestrian and cycling routes across and around the
    green, connecting to East Street, Bedminster train station and towards the City
  • Historic alignment of Providence Place reinstated as a direct pedestrian & cycle link
    between Windmill Hill & Stafford Street


Movement and access parameter plan
Movement and access parameter plan

9. Public art - ideas welcome

  • Fund available for public art project
  • Ideas include; Plinth with changing artworks like Trafalgar Square’s fourth plinth, plus mural on embankment wall
  • Ideas invited from the local community
  • Local art groups to be involved
  • Public art to be agreed with Council
Mural by Silent Hobo - Chapter Street Bristol
Mural by 'Silent Hobo' at Chapter Street, Bristol
Mural by Dale Grimshaw - Bristol
Mural in Bristol by Dale Grimshaw
Mural artwork in Bristol
Mural artwork in Bristol
Visual of the embankment
Visual of the embankment

10. Heights meet agreed framework

  • Bedminster Green Framework Agreement sets height ranges
  • Scheme aligns with those heights
  • Tallest building maximum ten storeys, including ground
  • Range of heights 7-10 storeys
Building Height parameter plan
Building height parameter plan

11. Building one - Malago Road/Hereford Street

  • 158 homes
  • All market homes for sale
  • All have private balconies
  • Central courtyard for residents, raised for additional light
  • Ground floor under-cover parking, mainly for blue badge holders
  • 10 storeys (including ground floor) facing onto Malago Road
  • Tallest elevation sits opposite 16 storey Little Paradise building
  • Townhouses front with front door access directly onto Malago Road
  • Top two seven are set back where building faces the green
  • Height falls away to eight storeys towards Windmill Hill
  • Mainly red brick and glass
Architects sketch of Building one
Architects sketch of Building one
Building one ground floorplan
Building one ground floorplan

12. Building two - Dalby Avenue/Clarke Street

  • 147 homes
  • 80 market homes for sale
  • 67 affordable homes
  • All have private balconies
  • Maximum nine storeys
  • Seven storeys facing onto the green and corner with Dalby Avenue with additional two storeys set back
  • Active ground floor uses commercial space facing into the green & Dalby Avenue
  • Homes front onto Malago River/Clarke Street
  • Colonnaded walkway facing onto the green, with ground floor commercial space
  • Principally brick and glass
  • Limited parking, including blue badge space – within the development
Architects Sketch of Building two
Architects sketch of Building two
Building two ground floorplan
Building two ground floorplan

13. Building three - Whitehouse Lane

  • 34 homes, all affordable
  • All have dual aspect and balconies
  • Maximum seven storeys
  • Six storeys facing onto Whitehouse Lane, with an additional storey set back 
  • Blue badge parking bay to the west of the building
  • Principally brick and glass
Architects sketch of Building three
Architects sketch of Building three
Building three ground floorplan
Building three ground floorplan

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